How does it work?

mySignaturesOnline allows you to centrally design and apply email signatures to users in your organization.
Email signatures are configured in mySignaturesOnline and pushed out to Office 365 and Google Apps web mail clients.
For Microsoft Outlook and some mobile devices a plugin is required on the client.
The user can easily install the plugin on their desktop or mobile device through a one-click process.
A Group Policy Object (GPO) can be used to install multiple clients in one go without requiring any user interaction.

Email signature management for Office 365 and Google Apps in the Cloud

Email signature management for Office 365 and Google Apps in the Cloud

Centrally Add
Email Signatures

Control all your email signatures from one location and add signatures
to each email sent from Outlook, Outlook Web App (OWA), iPhones and iPads.

Centrally add email signatures in the cloud for Office 365 and Google Apps

Design Professional Email Signatures

Create professional email signatures with formatting, logos and hyperlinks using the WYSIWYG editor.
More advanced users can edit their email signature directly in HTML.

Professional email signatures for Office 365 and Google Apps

Each Signature

Automatically personalize email signatures by using merge fields
that are replaced with the sender’s information from Active Directory, Office 365, or Google Apps.

Merge fields from Office 365, Google Apps and Active Directory


  • User Based Email Signatures
  • Include Social Media Links
  • Consolidate Email Signatures
  • Insert Thumbnail Photo
  • No Active Directory?

Email Signatures

  • Add a global signature for all users, or apply signatures to certain users or groups.
  • Include social media links and personalized links to for instance LinkedIn bios.
  • Responsive signatures that look good on every device
  • Include sender picture by using or images from Active Directory.
  • also supports environments without Active Directory.

Aid Marketing And Compliance

Boost image with consistent email signatures

Boost Company Image

Project a global, professional appearance by standardizing email signatures.

Add marketing message to email signatures

Use Marketing Opportunity

Utilize emails as marketing tools by adding company news and promotions.

Add logo to increase brand awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

Build corporate awareness by adding a logo to your email signatures.

Reduce liability with email disclaimers

Reduce Liability

Minimize legal risks and protect confidentiality with appropriate email disclaimers.

Add social media links to your email signature

Build Social Media Followers

Include social media links in your email signature. Links can also be personalized, such as LinkedIn bios.

Meet regulatory requirements with standardized email footers

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Aid compliance with IRS Circular 230, HIPAA, UK Companies Act and others.