Lennio offers a number of email signature management solutions that allow you to add professional email signatures to your corporate emails, configurable from one central location. The right solution for you depends mainly on which email system you are using. If you have an on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server, Policy Patrol Disclaimers is the right solution for you. If you are using a hosted email system such as Google Apps, Office 365 or hosted Exchange, mySignaturesOnline is the right solution for you. To help you decide we have compared the solutions for you.

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Use this product if:

  • You have an on-premise Exchange Server.
  • You do not want to install client software.
  • You want to control email signatures on all mobile devices.
  • You want to add email signatures depending on email content, headers, or recipients
  • You wish to differentiate between internal and external messages.


Use this cloud service if:

  • You have a Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps subscription.
  • You want to be able to manage your disclaimers & signatures online.
  • You want to subscribe to a service instead of purchasing software.
  • You do not want to maintain server-side software.
  • You do not have an on-premise Exchange Server.
  • You want to see the email disclaimer and signature before you click ‘Send’.